Just How Real are No Credit Check Mobile Phones?

In the past few years, many companies have decided to make a business out of selling phone contracts to people with poor credit history. Websites like Shebang have pioneered the no credit check mobile phone industry, but do these websites really live up to their claims?

First of all, any provider will not simply approve an applicant without some means of credit check. Even if it includes a procedure as minor as checking your recent payment histories or credit statements, those are still a form of credit check.

The reason behind this is simple – companies need to make money, and they can only make money from people who pay their dues. They do not know each of the applicant personally, and the closest guarantee they can ever get to getting paid is by looking at how an individual paid his or her creditors and providers in the past.

While there may be a few websites who can successfully provide an applicant with a mobile contract without credit check, the success rates are much lower. Furthermore, most of these phone contracts can cost you an arm and a leg.

One more thing, the phones that come with no credit check mobile contracts are extremely cheap, ones which you can actually afford to pay in cash and wouldn’t normally apply for if you’re thinking to go for a pay-monthly scheme. So in many cases of using these companies, you are basically being ripped off.

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