How to Successfully Qualify for a Bad Credit Mobile Phone Contract

Today when everything in your life is being determined by your credit rating, it can be a struggle to sign up for services such as a phone contract when you’ve dealt with credit problems recently. Thankfully, there are a few, simple things you can do to overcome the stringent credit scoring procedure that you have to undergo if you want a contract mobile phone. Here are some of them:


Pick a Cheap Handset

When you apply for the more expensive handsets, your chances of getting approved for a mobile contract is badly hurt, especially if the damage to your credit rating is quite severe. At least while you’re still trying to build or repair your credit score, the safest route is to go for cheap handsets, because companies are basically taking minimal risks with them, improving your chances of getting approved.


Pay Off Outstanding Debts

While your actual credit score may say a lot about you, your recent transactions are even more important. If providers could see that you are making conscious efforts and that you are trying to pay off all your delinquencies, you might be able to change their minds regarding your application.


Space Out Your Applications

What’s even worse than having a bad credit score is going for numerous applications all at the same time. Each time you make applications for any type of credit or utility service, the provider will make an inquiry, and it’s supposed to pull your score down even further. Additionally, having a company see that they are not your first option isn’t a good sign for any type of application.


Consider Bringing Your Own Device

If you’re only after the convenience associated with having a mobile contract and are otherwise happy with your existing gadget, you might want to consider  whereby you can enjoy all the benefits of having a contract but without the handset. A few good reasons to consider SIM-only deals are the lower monthly payments, easier application process, and more flexibility on your terms.


Be Timely on ALL of Your Payments

One of the things that your provider will check is how good you are at meeting your payments on time. Even if you missed a lot of your due dates in the past, being timely on your most recent and all your future transactions will say a lot of good things about your payment behaviour, and your chances of getting accepted for a mobile contract might be improved greatly.


Have Your Name on the Electoral Roll

One easy and excellent tip to be successful on your applications is to have a solid proof of your identity, and you can achieve that by having your name listed on the electoral roll. By being on the electoral list, it is a solid guarantee that you are who you say you are and that you really reside on your declared address. This is important because should you default, the company would want to know where to find you.


Update Your Credit Report

Lastly, it would be wise to revisit your credit score and check your problematic areas. Sometimes, updating your personal details and payment histories can go a long way in building your damaged credit rating.

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